Peru Race Diary

Informality is just the way things are done in Peru, whether one likes it or not. Even if pretty much every running group boasts of a president and a treasurer, this is just because we like to sound formal, but that’s how far it goes. For someone outside the country,  it can be pretty difficult to appreciate the richness of the amateur sports scene in Peru. If you’d like to know more or are planning to visit Peru, and would like to combine cardio with sight-seeing, burn the ceviche calories; or if you have a mountain or a jungle run on your bucket list – here is how you can find more information:

  • Facebook. Just type key words (in Spanish) in the search bar and you’ll find dozens of groups and events dedicated for the sport. But this is nothing compared to the hundred new  FB friends you’ll have after you like one.
  • Check out Raw Peru. This is a bit like a Peruvian Runner’s World. Maybe a bit more informal. Once you’ve spent two mornings running on the malecon, you’ll start spotting familiar faces in the photos.
  • Peru Runners is an umbrella organisation of (just) some of the local running groups (and one with a web site), a foundation that boasts of an actual office in San Isidro.
  • Follow my blog and/or contact me! I’ve learnt quite a bit from hanging out with Peruvian runners six mornings a week. If I don’t know the answer, one of the hundred new FB friends will do.

Here is how I intend to clock up the miles while in Peru.



23/11 Entel 10k Advertised as the race that lasts for 10 years. Which translates to a Lima-based annual race repeated ten times. That’s an incentive to keep this mobile phone company going and under the same ownership. But it’s worth getting your PB now.

30/11 Amazon Race Forest 21k I’ve got my yellow fever jab and I’m so excited about my first visit to the jungle. We will be staying in a yoga retreat for the two nights and among the list of things we are required to bring to the race, are whistles in case we go AWOL. I haven’t felt more Katniss Everdeen since I was going through the macabre promotions process last spring.

 You can read about the experience here.

The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion



31/1 Santa Maria del Mar, 7.5k or Yumax 27k. Are there many people out there trying to choose between 7.5k or 27k? If so, please share your experience.

Sadly, our expiring tourist visas made the choice for me. I didn’t participate in either race, but I got a sun tan in Ecuador.


28/2 North Face Endurance Challenge 21k

Spanish-speakers’ ability to misspell English words is even more irritating that English speakers’ inability to pronounce Spanish words, purely because of the availability of spell-checkers. If at mile 12 there’s a hydration point with a sign that says ‘Endurance Chalenge’ like in many of the promotional material I’ve seen, I’m going to go mental. On the other hand, if there’s no hydration point at all, I will go mental anyway.

You can read about the experience here.


17/5 Lima42k Movistar Adidas, Marathon 


21/6 Merrell Challenge Pachacamac 11.6km


17-18/7 Paracas Desert Challenge, 100k. No way in hell I’ll be ready for this. Actually, I’m hoping it’s a spelling mistake and really what I have signed up for is a 100k Mary Berry challenge.

2 thoughts on “Peru Race Diary

  1. adavis356 says:

    i actually thought this one was you for a minute haha – silly me. Although I wouldn’t have been surprised! 🙂

  2. The part about running away from the people I’m trapped with trying to decide whether to backstab or be backstabbed, unfortunately is what me and Caitlin Evergreen share in common.

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