Going Back to Where I Came From

3 thoughts on “Going Back to Where I Came From”

  1. Hola guapa!! Stopped by your blog from Facebook as I activated it for a moment to check out a friends page. Well oh my goodess how much has Taika grown!!!! You are both so beautiful and your smile is even more infectious that I remembered. I caught the bug and now I’m smiling too!!! I’ve moved house. Get in touch, would be great to meet up! oh ys by the way its Angela lol!!! (from Birmingham) espero hasta pronto chicas, besos x

  2. Hi Angela, thanks for the sweet comments and how lovely to hear from you. I’m looking forward to reading something under the ‘coming soon’ although we should not leave catching up to the blogosphere. I’d love to visit your new house. Abrazos xx

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