4 thoughts on “Help”

  1. Hi Dulce, Kieran here. My mum is a friend of Alison and emailed you before I travelled to Peru recently. I think this post is very interesting and resonates some of what I felt about Lima and Peru in general. I didn’t notice the servitude aspect that you focus on but I definitely noticed a split between white and brown people, it was hard not to. A very distinct gap between the two. I personally wasn’t a fan of Lima, but for different reasons. I hope the summer in Lima is better for you than the overcast winter!

    1. Hi Kieran – Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoyed your time in Peru and I’d be curious to read about your take on Lima, so I’m eagerly following your blog now! My experience of living here is quite different from when I came here on a holiday a year ago. I find it hard to concern myself over drivers, maids, chefs and nannies (or lack of them) that it feels women (supposedly) of my ‘social strata’ are mainly preoccupied with. So I quite ashamedly spend my time and money in a German wifi cafe surrounded by more like minded globe trotters, while trying to think of some positives to blog about. There are some – and I’m sure once I get to see more of Peru, I can do a bit more justice to this part of the world. All the best with your adventures!

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