Mixing work and pleasure

Even if it may not seem so, this is the pleasure bit. It may also seem that there’s not that much of it and not even that very often (I know, meets the criteria, but disappointingly this is not about sex either).  You may assume that the balance is in favour of the work-side of things.

Good guess!

But now I’m going to mix a bit of work and pleasure and add a link to my blog post about inclusive business start-ups and the Government acting as the risk-taker. I’m quite proud of the post, because actually, I mixed a bit of work and pleasure there too, since I like writing and most of the time at work you have to live with the Powerpoint as your canvas – feel inspired!

But there’s also a sub story to the inclusive business post and a very subliminal message about a person who planned and ran a successful and inspiring work event before watching all the credit being given to the only possessor of a particular Y-chromose in the team – presumably for successfully uploading the slides. (See it is these kinds of interesting challenges that really make me question why I should ever sacrifice a stimulating career that makes use of my sixteen years of schooling for a dream as petty and unintellectual as running a cake shop in South America).  So instead of taking this up and demanding some acknowledgement for her efforts, she writes a completely cryptic, unrelated blog post that only the readers of her other blog truly understand the meaning of and that’s because they got tipped.

But I’m also reading a book about introversion by Susan Cain and rationalising my behaviour. I don’t have time for all the Myers Briggs stuff tonight as I need to make a fish pie before the fish goes off in two hours and ten minutes, but there’s something about being motivated by doing a job really well rather than money or public accolade, although it evidently doesn’t stop you getting pissed off when others get it for your job well done.

Instead my Myers & Briggs analysis, you may want to watch Susan Cain’s TED talk but if you’re particularly sensitive to irony do not visit her home page.


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