“I have noticed that doing the sensible thing is only a good idea when the decision is quite small. For the life-changing things, you must risk it”

Jeanette Winterson (‘Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal’)

It is back to work tomorrow. After a longest arduous return flight from Lima via Miami and New York (why, or why do I need to go through the immigration and homeland security, when I don’t intend to, don’t want to, don’t plan to spend more than three hours in the US – two of which are spent in that precise queue to get through the immigration and homeland security in order to continue my journey? #Free consultancy advice # public sector efficiency), I got home yesterday and  picked up my little girl from Gatwick this morning.

Think post holiday blues. It seems that London is not where either of us would like to be right now. She misses ‘vaari’ (grandpa in Finnish) and I miss  –  writing these two words feels strangely audacious – my boyfriend, mi novio in Peru. I fear that getting back not just to work, but to the “career”, means drifting further away from the ideas that only a week ago were alive and kicking in South America, leaving them behind in some dreamy surreal distance.  After a few days, it will seem completely normal again to talk about “creativity” and “passion” in the same sentence as “revenue optimisation” and “powerpoint”.

Perhaps Dulce Compañía (sweet company) wasn’t the best title for a blog on management consulting and lone parenting. Which is kind of good because I like the name more than the concept, that I dream will be rewritten as a blog of a mother and cakeshop owner in Lima.


A cut-out from a past Stylist on the fridge door. A few months ago I was only dreaming of having something to decide about.

(The fridge magnet I bought on my visit to ChocoMuseo in Lima. In the euphemistic arrangement there is Johnny Depp, the famous Peruvian actor, devouring chocolate from lovely Julie Binoche.)

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