Question on branding a revolution

Anyone who has ever tried to sustain a revolution, knows that it’s pretty damn difficult, if it was originally constructed around a social identity that represents the status-quo rather than an aspiration. I think Tony Blair put this better in his writings on socialism, but I don’t have the book here in Kulcafe and I got fed up with trying to google it up.

That’s probably why revolutions are mostly followed by authoritarianism.

People don’t aspire to be working class. In Peru – a country of extremes – I’m told that people don’t want equality, they actually aspire for being the beneficiaries of inequality. Or put in another way, on the plane from New York to Lima I was watching Chilean film ‘No’, starring Gael Garcia Bernal. There was a line that got stuck with me: “we’re creating a reality where anyone can win. Not everyone. Anyone. But when everyone thinks they can be anyone, we will win this campaign.”

No with this quasi political intro, I’m back to my more familiar topic, which is me. The problem is that I’m at a point in my life that I may no longer be neither a management consultant or a single mother, which were the two concepts I planned to build this blog’s identity around. But I don’t really want to be either (sssshhh!). To me these are circumstances rather than identities, which is why I’ve never gone on a holiday with either single mothers or management consultants.

However, these circumstances have prevailed for so long under self-imposed authoritarianism that I’ve started to treat them as something of identities.  Having now met someone somewhere that reminds me of what I used to be and what I could be, almost calls for a crisis.

I knew this should have always been a baking blog.


‘Yeah I could live here’, she is thinking on the Lima Bike Tour.


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