Half Wicked Fairy Godmother and the Frog

Last weekend we celebrated her fifth birthday.

Because nothing should look like put together by a too busy working mum, everything has to be done late in the evening… which turned into a morning, as I gave a card board box its last stroke of pink at 4.30 in the morning.

2013-01-26 04.17.44My lack of sleep made me even less adept negotiator than usual, which in turn made the morning’s rushed trip for her piano lesson (which I refused to compromise on) into one of those parenting scenes that I rather not have, and at least not in public. As if I would have carried out my threat to call off the whole princess party and waste all the effort , we made peace just in time for our make-over.

Having shouted at her in the morning, I felt more like the wicked step-mother than the fairy godmother (both appropriately asexual and with disproportionate caring responsibilities) but at least she behaved and looked every bit like a five-year-old princess would.

SAM_0837I got the idea for this doll box photo booth from a similar lifesize Barbie box I’d seen on Pinterest. (It was a great success – although as I let the kids be the photographers too, so in most pictures you can’t actually even make out the box)

kakkustepbystepThis year’s cake had to be a frog cake. I couldn’t find any good examples online, but it was quite easy to brainstorm one. All you need to do is bake two round cakes, cut one in half circle and slide the half under the whole one – to make the cake slope down as if a frog’s body. On the back I used marmalade sweets (“Vihreät kuulat”) which I’d brought back from Finland, but which I’m sure one can find anywhere. The eyes are cake balls I had prepared for cake pops.

I went a bit overboard with the catering… believe me, five-year olds don’t eat a lot.

SAM_0882 2013-01-26 15.32.13

Oooh, Asda Smart Price apple juice to add that royal touch.

2013-01-26 15.25.23

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